Terrorists Yelled "This Is Al-Qaeda From Yemen" Before Paris Attack

Whether this is a double-bluff is unknown, but for now, the North Koreans and ISIS are off-the-hook for the terrorist murders in Paris this morning. As The Telegraph reports, a 33-year-old witness to the attacks has said that two terrorists shouted "tell the media that this is al-Qaeda in the Yemen," before the brutal killings.


As The Telegraph reports,

Two terrorists shouted that they were from al Qaeda in the Yemen before they launched the brutal attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris.


Cédric Le Béchec, a 33-year-old estate agent who witnessed the attack on the satirical magazine, said the men told bystanders to inform the media that they were from the terror group.




Mr Le Béchec said that before launching the assault, the attackers approached another man in the street saying, “Tell the media that this is al-Qaeda in the Yemen.”




The Yemeni offshoot of al-Qaeda has exploited recent instability to seize parts of the country's south and east.



Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) is regarded by the United States as the deadliest branch of the global jihadist network, blamed for several attempted attacks on Western targets.

French news-site 2-Minutes adds that Bechec also noted,

"A black car was stopped in the middle of the street. Two big black guys dressed in military style came out, one with a rocket launcher. They have released a man who was behind the car. And they went up saying "you say to the media that it is Al-Qaeda in Yemen." I was 5 or 10 meters, they left and the police arrived 5 minutes later, "he says.

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