John Boehner: "I'm The Most Anti-Establishment Speaker We've Ever Had"

Today's WTF moment of the day comes courtesy of The Daily Signal, in which we read that while speaking at his first press conference since being narrowly reelected as House speaker after some 24 republicans defected, the Ohio Republican argued he is the "most anti-establishment speaker we’ve ever had." We further learn that "Boehner couldn’t disagree more with conservatives who label him an “establishment” Republican and a “squish.

This stunning revelation takes place 1:10 into the clip below.

Supposedly "conservatives have taken issue with what they believe is his willingness to negotiate with Democrats and President Obama, and passing legislation that abandons conservative principles and policies."

Well, yes. Boehner has done that time and again, and folded like the proverbial lawn chair at every opportunity, and often when there was none.

But that is not why Boehner is not anti-establishment by any stretch of the imagination. The real reason why is the following:

Alas, just like the Obama administration is apparently unaware of this thing called "Google", so Boehner and his staffers should familiarize themselves with the website OpenSecrets: it is there that the full establishmentarianism of every elected corporate puppet is laid out for all the peasants to see.