US Rig Count Crashes At Fastest Pace Since 2009 To 14-Month Lows

Just as T.Boone Pickens warned, US Rig Counts are plunging. Down by 61 this week alone - the biggest weekly drop in over 5 years - at 1,750, this is now the lowest since November 2013 (and very close the lowest since 2010). The 10% or so plunge in the last 7 weeks is following the same trajectory as the 2008 collapse - which led to - just as Pickens suggested - a 50% crash in rig counts...



Pickens... "demand is down" - "lower demand is the main driver" - "rig count is gonna fall - drop 500 rigs in next 6-9 months"

This the first rig count drop year-over-year in a year...


Charts: Bloomberg


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