US Soldier's Body Found Outside Fort Hood Home After Return From West Africa, Hazmat Called

Fort Hood officials and Hazmat crews are on site in Killeen after a US soldier, who recently returned from West Africa, was found dead outside his home. So far there are no answers as to why the soldier was not in quarantine and no known cause of death...


As WFAA reports,

Killeen police and Fort Hood military police currently have a home blocked off on the 3300 block of Cantebrian Drive where a man was found dead in a yard Tuesday morning.


Fort Hood officials confirm the man is a soldier who recently returned from a deployment to West Africa. Officials say there are no indications the soldier had Ebola, however medical personnel at Carl R. Darnall Medical Center are running tests as a precaution to make sure there is no threat to the community.


Troops returning from West Africa must undergo a 21-day monitoring period at a controlled monitoring site on post. Officials say this soldier was granted an emergency leave - not medical related - and was under self-monitoring where he had to check in with officials twice a day.

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