Europe's Scariest Chart

One week before the all-important Greek parliamentary elections and, as KeepTalkingGreece reports, left-wing SYRIZA leads in all polls published on Sunday newspapers with difference rate to Nea Dimokratia being 3.1% – 5%.

To Potami appears to have secured the third position, while Golden Dawn is losing support.  To Kinima, the party of former prime minister George Papandreou is flat at 2.7% and most likely will not manage to pass the 3% threshold and enter the Parliament.



According to calculations, SYRIZA would get 144 seats in the Parliament. That is 7 seats less than the 151 needed to form a majority government.

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Of course - Germany will reassure none of this matters (or does); but with the SNB breaking Central Bank promises, and the possibility of Draghi unveiling an 'anti-integration'-looking QE, we suspect injecting even more uncertainty into the Euro project via Greece will do little to stall EURUSD's collapse to parity.


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