Quote Of The Day: "Venezuela Must Deepen Socialism To Improve Economy" - Maduro

Practically presented with no comment, we could not quite believe the words coming out of Venezuela's President Maduro last night as he addressed the nation's concerns over mile-long lines for toothpaste, toilet-paper, bread, and soap:


Having apparently failed on his mission to Asia to garner enough support to drag oil prices up to the $100 level he "believes is fair," Maduro went on to explain how he will "change the food supply system, not the economic model," to solve the nation's crisis, since "most of the private sector are parasitic bums."


As AP reports,

The complex crisis facing Venezuela has endangered the continuity of socialist model driven for more than a decade Chavez, while from the government the possibility of a revision of the model arises and any substantive change is discarded,


"The socialist model that created the commander (Hugo) Chavez is not a dogmatic model , is a model that can make adjustments, restructuring, " said Vice President Development Territorial Socialism, Elias Jaua, told The Associated Press by recognizing that the government is open to considering changes in the model. However, Jaua said that adjustments would never involve a shift "back to free market," and said the idea is to maintain a model that "give satisfaction to the people's needs."

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Maduro has more to say... (as Bloomberg reports)

“Private sector, not everyone but most, are parasitic bums. They are a threat to the country”: Maduro


Product shortages caused by problems in private supply networks


“We have to change many things but not the model”: Maduro


Maduro says tried to gain liquid funds for “economic development” during foreign tour; doesn’t comment on success of efforts

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And the market's betting it's not going to get better any time soon...

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Yep looks like it's under control...


Because no one will complain - How many Working Man-Hours Daily are lost in Venezuela due to lines?

(Translation - Sorry, am I the only one who thinks spending your life queuing is wasting valuable time?)