Banksters’ Bullion - Crisis At New Extreme?


Jeff Nielson for Sprott Money News



Another day goes by. Another day of the West’s (the One Bank’s) economic terrorism against Russia: an overt attack on that nation’s currency, and thus the economy itself. As noted in the commentary which preceded this; such economic terrorism against the ruble damages Russia’s economy, on a percentage-for-percentage basis.


Another day of defiance: by Russia itself, and (increasingly) the Rest of the World. We now know that part (and perhaps most) of the motive for this escalation of Western terrorism against Russia is gold.


What is the best way to identify such motives, when this rapacious crime syndicate launches one of its major “operations”? Let them tell us, themselves. Having a megaphone of unparalleled proportions (the Corporate media propaganda machine); the Banksters – as the serial extortionists that they are – will inevitably broadcast their demands, loudly and unequivocally.


When they manufactured a global economic collapse in the Crash of ’08; they broadcast their demands (to Western governments), loudly and unequivocally: pledge $10’s of trillions to them (the real price-tag of their “bail-outs”) or they would complete the destruction of the global economy. The bail-outs were utter and complete fraud, as there were no “losses”, merely sham-debts engineered between tentacles of the same crime syndicate (the One Bank).


When the Banksters manufactured a currency-crisis in India last year; they also broadcast their demands loudly, although admittedly in a more indirect manner. The Corporate media merely “predicted” (again and again and again) that India’s currency crisis (and the mythological “current account crisis” which supposedly caused it) would magically disappear as soon as India blocked its gold imports – to a population which was (at that time) buying gold at a ravenous and unprecedented rate.


As 2014 drew to a close we saw more economic terrorism from the One Bank, and once again its “demands” were broadcast loudly and unequivocally by the Corporate media. Again (as with India) the extortion was more indirect than the shake-down of Western governments that took place in 2008.


Nearly every time we see another propaganda piece from the Corporate media, gleefully noting further damage to the ruble, and exaggerating the demise of Russia’s economy; it is accompanied by a parallel pieceof propaganda. Over and over, we see the Corporate media drones “predicting” that Russia will be forced to sell its gold – once again, as the supposed “cure” for this economic terrorism.


But what appeared, originally, to be simply an extension of the West’s economic/military aggression against Russia (the coup in Ukraine; the “economic sanctions” against Russia; the endless U.S. saber-rattling) is now rapidly evolving into what is obviously a much more focused exercise in extortion: the Banksters want to get their hands on Russia’s gold.


We’ve seen this before. When the West overthrew the Gaddafi regime; the first thing the bankers did after planting their puppets in power was to loot that nation’s gold. More recently; after staging the coup in Ukraine, the first thing they did when their new thugs/employees had (illegally) seized power was to loot all of that nation’s gold.


However, the economic terrorism now directed at Russia must be looked at as much more than merely continuation of a pattern, for several reasons. First we have the severity/malevolence of this latest terrorism itself (the 50% plunge in the value of the ruble), and this is not some puny target which these psychopaths can knock-over with little more effort required than swatting a fly.


Russia is still a military superpower, and even after the current attack on its economy; possesses enormous economic resources – and leverage. Unlike Ukraine, unlike Libya, unlike Greece, unlike Iraq, unlike Afghanistan; Russia can fight back.


More importantly is the size of the prize (i.e. the scope of this latest escapade in geopolitical terrorism). Russia’s massive, national stockpile of gold represents more than ten times what the One Bank was able to “harvest” from victims like Ukraine and Libya.


This begs an obvious question. Is the increase in malevolence, the choice to choose a Victim who can fight back, and the obviously larger scale of its latest extortion merely an indication of an escalation of the One Bank’s rapacious looting (and demonstration of its arrogance)? Or; is this much more ambitious gambit simply proof of a much greater level of desperation?


Consider the evidence which supports the latter conclusion. This year began with the One Bank stillengaged in a feverish attempt to quell the spike in gold-demand, which it precipitated itself in 2013 with the Cyprus Steal – a declaration by the bankers (and our Traitor Governments) that any/all paper assets could now be confiscated at will by this financial crime syndicate.


Then came all the demands for “gold repatriation”. It began (of course) with Germany. But as documented (particularly by sources like Zero Hedge); Germany has been unable to get its gold. Only a tiny trickle of gold has flowed back into Germany, and nearly all of that came from neighbouring France – a mere few hours’ drive away.


As Germany obtained ‘a whole lot of nothing’ in its efforts to re-claim the gold it supposedly owns, and was supposedly “held in trust” (by the most ruthless/rapacious crime syndicate in the history of humanity); realization has finally dawned on the pathetic drones of Europe’s other governments. In no particular order; we have had formal or informal “requests” (demands) from entities in Belgium, France, and Austria to return their gold.


Along with that; we have had the failed Swiss “gold referendum” which (if not sabotaged by the One Bank) would have required Switzerland’s government to produce a large quantity of physical gold – in its own custody, and not the (corrupt) vaults of London/New York bankers. We also had the successful “Dutch gold operation”; where the government of the Netherlands secretly got their hands on their own gold – as payback for its complicity in the “MH-17” war-crime perpetrated by the West.


If that’s not enough to “ruin Christmas” for these psychopath Scrooges, there is news of more rabid demand for the dwindling remnants of (real) gold still clutched within their greedy talons. Once again; the source is Asia. Along with anecdotal reports of explosive “gold demand” in trading at the Shanghai Exchange, we have official gold imports in India once again spiking to a near-record level.


The last time India’s monthly gold imports reached this ravenous and (to the bankers) intolerable level, the One Bank immediately commenced its extortion against India’s government to impose a gold embargo on (official) gold imports. But that strategy was a failure.


Gold smuggling immediately exploded in India, replacing most of the official imports that had been blocked. Worse still; the blackmarket necessary for smuggling on such a massive, systemic level was rapidlyproducing a real-world price for gold – a Decoupling with the “official” price and fraudulent gold market of the Western banksters. And whatever decrease was generated in Indian gold demand was offset (on a rupee-for-rupee basis) with higher silver demand.


Faced with such massive evidence of failure; the One Bank reversed itself on its gold extortion, and allowed India to re-open official channels for gold imports. Now, official Indian gold demand is right back to that 2013 crisis-level (while rampant gold-smuggling continues); except now the One Bank knows it is impotentto do anything about that demand.


Enter Russia. If this Western crime syndicate can’t stop people (and/or nations) from buying gold (at a historically unprecedented rated), and it can’t stop now-frightened Western governments from asking for/demanding the gold which supposedly belongs to them; that leaves only one option. Steal more gold – a lot more gold.


The fact that Russia is the obvious target which has been chosen for this latest gold-looting operation appears, more and more, to simply be a reflection of much greater desperation on the part of the One Bank. Evidence mounts that this, too, will be another “failed operation” in the gold market.


Kilo gold-dimensions

First we have news out this morning that rather than selling gold that Russia is still adding more gold,“defiling” [sic] Western “predictions” (demands) that Russia should/must sell its gold. Secondly, we now see China officially stepping in with what is effectively an offer of whatever level of economic assistance is required to fend-off the current economic terrorism, emanating primarily from Wall Street.


Merry Christmas, Goldman Sachs (and the rest of the One Bank)! As your collection of psychopaths and hoodlums harvest their enormous, illegal, paper “bonuses”, never forget that your entire, gigantic (and ridiculously unstable) Ponzi-scheme of paper pseudo-wealth is ultimately perched atop a meager stockpile of gold – almost all of which has already been pledged to (literally) a hundred different “owners”.


Yet again, the fable of “the Emperor’s New Clothes” comes to life. And when the last of the One Bank’s gold is gone; all that the world will then see is a lot of naked bankers.



Jeff Nielson for Sprott Money News