$43 Hot Dogs; $47 Burgers And $55 Caesar Salads: A Look At The Davos Menu

Billionaires may live in a world untroubled by such petty concerns as rising costs of living and declining real wages, but like everyone else they have to eat. And pay. The picture below shows what the menu prices, in Swiss Francs, are for various meals offered for sale to the billionaires and other upper class "luminaries" currently congregating in Davos.  Some examples converted to USD: Hot Dog: $43; Burger: $47; Caesar salad: $55.


This is what a $55 caesar salad looks like:


And said $43 hot dog:


Then again, the Swiss restaurant, like dutiful capitalists, are smart and merely introduced the "Billionaire surge pricing" strategy right out of the Uber playbook, which - when catering to people for whom things like "cost" are absolutely irrelevant, makes perfect sense.

As the regular menu at the same restaurant shows, outside of Davos season the cheeseburger is "only" CHF26, so a modest 60% markup for those who benefit the most from the global central bank-driven multiple-expansion rally. In retrospect, it is surprising the markup is this low.


Hungry for more? Here is the full documentary clip from Deirdre Wang Morris: