Smart Casual: The 'Rebellious' New Greek PM's Swearing-In Attire

If the shockingly large victory of left-wing Syriza was not enough for the Brussels' bureaucrats, the party's rebellious leader Alexis Tsipras dared to go tie-less during this morning's swearing-in as Greece's new Prime Minister... As we noted earlier, 'non-conformity is part of the package'



As The Guardian noted, it's part of the package...

Will Alexis Tsipras ever wear a necktie? In the weeks before Sunday’s momentous election, that is the question that was widely asked of the radical left Syriza leader, the winner of the Greek poll.


Invariably Tsipras has replied no, he won’t. “After all,” he has joked, “I didn’t wear one to see the pope.”


Therein lies the appeal of the man now set to become Greece’s youngest prime minister – and the angst that prospect elicits.


At 40, the former communist party youth activist, student leader, self-avowed atheist and firebrand appears determined to jolt not only his own country but also Europe.

Nonconformity is part of the package.