Where The Jobs Were In January: Education, Health And Retail

As already observed, when it comes to tracking the job losses in the energy space, the BLS had some rather significant "seasonally-adjusted" or otherwise issues in January, reporting just 1.9K job losses in the oil and energy exploration space, when the reality was orders of magnitude higher. But while the Bureau of Labor Services may have failed to notice the collapse of the highest-paying US jobs (after Wall Street of course), it determined that over 250K jobs were created in other sectors. Where were they?

Below is a detailed breakdown of all the January job additions (and losses) by sector, with the following notable highlights:

  • Education and Health: +46K
  • Retail Workers: +46
  • Leisure and Hospitality: +37K, of which 35K waiters and bartenders

And the following job losses:

  • Government: -10K
  • Transportation and Warehousing: -9K
  • Temp Help Services: -4K
  • Add the infamous mining and logging, where energy jobs would be found, or not as the case may be: -3K