Eurogroup-Greece "Deal Or No Deal" Press Conference Begins - Live Feed

EU President Jeroen Dijsselbloem is about to explain how there is an agreement in principle (if Greece folds, follows the program it's been given and behaves itself - which they have since confirmed they won't) and that discussions are ongoing (haven't changed on bit all day)...

The Greek government has had enough of the delays, and has released its own statement, reports Helena Smith in Athens. And crucially, it reads,

“At this euro group there has been no agreement.”


“An extension of the memorandum cannot be accepted. Negotiations will continue with the goal [of achieving[ a mutually beneficial agreement.”

The statement added that the Greek side had put forward well-founded arguments as to why the bailout accord had failed, enlightening listeners on Greece’s problems of public debt and the humanitarian crisis it has also suffered.




Press Conference Live Feed:

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As The Telegrpah reports,

As the meeting went on into the night, conflciting accounts began to emerge that indicated the two sides had been unable to find common ground.


Two official sources told Reuters that, while there was no deal had been struck, a joint statement was being drafted that could leave it open for Greece to extend its current bail-out deal.


However, a Greek official said that Athens would not sign up to an arrangement that would see the bail-out's term being extended. Reports seemed to indicate that the wording of any agreement was key to progress, with the Greeks wanting an accord to show their voters that they secured an end to the current deal but had reached an arrangement that woudl prevent financial chaos.

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