Marc Faber: "This Is The Year Investors Lose Faith In Central Banks"

"2015 could the year when worldwide investors, traders and normal people lose a total faith in central bankers," Marc Faber tells Boom-Bust's Erin Ade, forcing investors to "re-evaluate their views on gold." Faber begins this brief interview with an excellent summary of the great rotation of money-printing around the world and how USD strength will excuse-wise lead, inevitably, to The Fed re-opening the spigot (something that today's FOMC Minutes show they are dovishly inching towards).

Away from that Faber notes several non-Westen central banks are already getting the global joke and were big net buyers of gold in 2014, warning that the conflict between USA and Russia-China could force the east super-powers to create a gold-backed currency or something else to compete with the USD.


Faber and Ade on Boom-Bust... (starts around 3:30)