Recovery? Central Banks Are Easing Policy For 50% Of The World's Population

Despite endless proclamations that the world has 'escaped' the financial crisis, the data (and actions) simply do not back that up. The constant propagandizing of either a) US is economically strong and will drive the world's growth engine (factually incorrect), or b) the rest of the world is about to revert to higher growth seems entirely anathema to the fact that in 2015, we have seen a wave of monetary easing - most recently today by Israel. That makes it 20 central banks that have cut rates (or eased policy) in the last few weeks - covering over 50% of the world's population.


The World Eases...


With global yields already at record lows - we have on simple question? If 6 years of rate cuts and massive money printinmg has left us with collapsing growth expectations, disinflationary pressures, and wealth-creating asset classes at extreme valuations... WTF do you central planners think moar easing is going to achieve?

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Not exactly the actions of a world on the verge of escape velocity growth...


It doesn't seem to be working... have central banks lost control?

Source: Deutsche Bank