Mario Draghi's "Q€ Unleashed" ECB Press Conference - Live Feed

After what feels like years of anticipation and promises, we found out last month that Q€ will happen. Today we find out exactly how Mario Draghi's magic trillion euro spending spree will occur (or not). Despite all the 'facts' surrounding a lack of liquidity, willing sellers, and available securities we are sure Draghi will have an answer for how he will fit 10lbs of 'stuff' into a 5lb bag. We also expect him to exuberasntly forecast higher inflation (less deflation) and stronger growth - because if he doesn't, what does that say about his optimism that Q€ is anything but more wealth transfers?


ECB Press Conference (live Feed)


Alternate if ECB embed feed is broken (click image for link)


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As a reminder, here’s what the distribution of asset purchases looks like across the eurozone: