ISIS Unveils Video To Recruit Deaf & Mute Jihadists

While some may ISIS is 'deaf' to the new world as it spreads its message of Shariah Law across The Middle East, the terrorist organization appears to be trying to broaden the appeal of the militant group. As Newsweek reports, ISIS has released a video in which a pair of disabled sibling militants use sign language in an apparent bid to recruit fighters from the (apparently under-served) deaf and mute community. The video shows the brothers directing traffic in a busy road saying: “We will strike you soon, by Allah’s permission," and ends with a scene of the brothers setting up rockets.


Deaf? Mute? ISIS Wants You!!


As Newsweek reports,

The video which is titled, From Who Excused To Those Not Excused, addresses Muslims in Europe. It features two fighters, one who claims to be deaf-mute and names the other as his brother Abu Abdur-Rahman, who say they are traffic officers in the Islamic State.




The video lasts for almost six minutes and includes Arabic and English subtitles and the pair are dressed in black jumpsuits and are armed with assault rifles, ammunition pouches and handcuffs.




The video has been seen as an attempt to broaden the appeal of the militant group by reaching out to those with similar impairments. Alex Kassirer, researcher at global security firm Flashpoint Intelligence, told NBC that the video “represents an attempt by the group to recruit other physically or otherwise impaired individuals, as well as demonstrates the multifaceted responsibilities of those in its ranks”.

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On the bright side - it will be easier to cope with an ISIS existance if the sound of constant gun fire and rockets is missing.