Varoufakis Walks Out Of CNBC Interview When Asked If He Is Now A "Liability"

Having been given a few minutes to explain how it's so different now in Greece: Troika is now 'The Brussels Group', austerity cuts are now 'reforms', and bailouts are now 'bridge loans'; Greek FinMin Varoufakis asked for peace and quiet from the press so that they could work on "solutions" for the Greek people...

And then CNBC's Julia Chatterly asked about the Paris Match photo-shoot (which is has created fierce storm of controversy in Greece) and specifically whether he "was a liability for his party?"

Varoufakis response was (serial killer) calm as he looked her in the eyes, demanded he be allowed to 'no comment' - "You will allow me not to comment on particular stories in the press," - then commented, six-year-old-child-in-a-schoolyard-like "are you a liability for your channel?"


The brief clip below...


Varoufakis criticized the press for "concocting stories" and added that the Greek government now needed "peace and quiet" in order to get "down to work to put Greece on the path of recovery."

... or just following more orders from the European "uber alles"