Varoufakis' Latest Fiasco: FinMin Claims "Middle Finger To Germany" Clip Fake; Germany Disagrees

It was a tough weekend (again) for Greece's embattled FinMin Yanis Varoufakis. After walking out on a CNBC interview when asked if he was a liability (after his photo shoot caused a storm in Greece), a video surfaced showing the outspoken minister giving the middle finger to Germany saying "solve the problem yourself." He has come out swinging this morning, as The Telegraph reports, Varoufakis exclaims, "That video was doctored. I've never given the finger, I've never given the middle finger ever." However, the user who uploaded it to YouTube denied it was a fake and, based on The Telegraph's poll, 67% believe Varoufakis did it. Furthemore, the German talk-show that aired the clip has confirmed "no evidence of manipulation or falsification," and, for the first time, a majority of Germans now want Greece out of the union.


The selected image from the video...

Greece "sticking the finger to Germany" 


Which he denied as 'fake' but... 67% of survey respondents do not believe him...


In a further sign of the deterioration of trust in the 'union, 52% of polled Germans said they no longer wanted Greece to remain part of the currency union, up from 41% last month.

Worst of all, ekathimerini reports that German TV has now stated that the video is not fake, suggesting Varoufakis is in fact a liar.

Varoufakis, who took part in a live discussion with other guests via a link from Athens, insisted on air that the video of him speaking at a 2013 event in the Croatian capital, Zagreb, had been "doctored".


Jauch, the host of the popular show that draws millions of viewers, announced at the end of the programme that the video would be examined to try to clear the matter up.


"As far as we know at this stage the editorial department of Guenther Jauch can determine no indication whatsoever of manipulation or falsification in the video shown during the live show," it said in a statement Monday.


It said the video was being further checked by experts.

So will Varoufakis reign as FinMin outlast Greece's liquidity, pardon, (lack of) cash flow?