Treasury Secretary Lew Admits US "International Credibility & Influence Is Being Threatened"

While we try to our patriotic duty every day, Jack Lew's comment that: U.S. ECONOMIC RECOVERY WELL ESTABLISHED, LEW SAYS was too much to bear... so we provide the following 3 charts for guidance in comprehending the propaganda. Why would he blatantly lie in the face of unequivocally bad data? Simple, they are desparate to spin US economic strength as the world comes to realize it no longer needs to rely on a unipolar US-based model...


Economic Growth expectations for the US in 2015 are collapsing...


as Macro data crashes on a scale not see since Lehman...


In fact its the worst start to a year on record...


"well established"? Well perhaps Lew has had a little too much Irish spirit today.

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Why would simply lie about unequivocally bad data? Simple - 4 letters - A I I B!!

The Obama administration warned on Tuesday that rising powers were challenging U.S. leadership in global financial institutions, and urged Congress to approve a deal it says would help preserve U.S. influence.


"New players are challenging U.S. leadership in the multilateral system," Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said in prepared remarks.


Lew urged lawmakers to sign off on a reform of the International Monetary Fund that would give emerging markets a bigger say in global economic policy while also preserving U.S. veto power in the institution. The U.S. and other countries agreed to a deal in 2010, but the U.S. Congress has yet to approve it.


Lew said that "is causing other countries, including some of our allies, to question our commitment to the IMF and other multilateral institutions."


"Our international credibility and influence are being threatened," he said.


U.S. influence challenged in global financial institutions

Charts: Bloomberg