Meet "The Wohl Of Wall Street": The Inland Empire's Own 17-Year-Old Hedge Fund Manager

A decade ago the Inland Empire was known for having more real estate agents than any other profession, because "making money in real estate was so easy, anyone could do it." Now it's the rise of the "hedge fund managers."

Turns out E-trade knew precisely who their target audience was with all those baby ads. Because when we learn that a 17-year-old football and basketball playing highschooler out of California's Inland Empire is running his own "hedge fund", all we can say is "thank you Fed" for eliminating all the risk in "markets", and allowing such young entrepreneurs as Jacob Johl, who already has 20 investors and is better known as the "Wohl of Wall Street" to thrive and propser, even as all those who were still alive when markets were actually, well, markets can only sit back and laugh.

And laugh some more when seeing performance charts such as this one, pulled from the aspiring hedge funder's website.

About Wohl Capital Investment Group:

Wohl Capital was started by its current CEO and Senior Manager Jacob Wohl. Many hedge funds take only acredited investors with $1 million of capital or more to invest. We believe that we've created a hedge fund for the rest of us.


Jacob started Wohl Capital Investment Group to create a hedge fund for the average middle class investor. Without million dollar minimum investment requirements Wohl Capital's hedge fund has provided a way for middle class investors to make real returns. With a guerrilla warfare mentality towards investing, Wohl Capital is able to outperform the institutional giants again and again.

Good luck Jacob, and don't forget the only two things that matter in this "market" - BTFD and BTFATH.

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