Montreal Students Clash With Riot Police In Austerity Protests

Last week, anti-austerity protests in Germany turned the streets of Frankfurt into a veritable horror show as Blockupy supporters dressed as clowns clashed with riot police against a backdrop of flaming cars and utter chaos in what looked like a scene out of Pennywise The Clown Meets Black Hawk Down:

It now appears the Blockupy spirit has migrated across the pond to Montreal, where hundreds of students hit the streets to protest austerity measures drawing the ire of police armed with rubber bullets, tear gas, and sound bombs. Here’s more via RT:

Canadian police used tear gas and reportedly fired rubber bullets and sound bombs at hundreds of students protesting austerity measures at an anti-capitalist rally in Montreal. Thousands took to the streets on Tuesday to protest sweeping education cuts…


Many activists wore masks, covering their faces while violating the local bylaw that prohibits covering faces during protests…


The Revolutionary Student Movement organized the Tuesday’s evening march. The group has claimed it is “an association of young Communists and revolutionary anti-capitalists.”


Thousands of students have been boycotting classes to protest against provincial government austerity measures, including new tuition hikes and university cuts.


The protesters reportedly broke car windows, lit flares, and spray painted some stuff, which all would have been ok had they provided police with a schedule initially: 

Police declared the march illegal from the beginning, saying that protest organizers failed to provide local authorities with their itinerary, which is required by the bylaw P-6.

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We assume the Bank of Canada may be hiring a "Fire Expert" soon.