Shooting Reported At Gate Of NSA Headquarters In Fort Meade - Live Stream

The day is starting off on a very bizarre footing after not only Ben Bernanke became a blogger and joined Twitter, but moments ago at least one American appears to have had enough with the Big Brother state, and moments ago WNEW reported that there has been a shooting, two injured and according to local reports, one fatality, when someone decided to ram the gate of the NSA's Fort Meade, Maryland headquarters.

From WNEW:

Two people are injured Monday after an incident at the gate of National Security Agency headquarters, Fort Meade officials say.


There are multiple reports that a shooting took place, but no officials have confirmed.


A Ft. Meade employee tells WNEW that an announcement was made to employees that the incident was cleared, but the gate is closed.

Below is a live stream from the scene of the shooting: