"I Wouldn't Say It's A Bubble," HSBC China Strategy Chief Says Of The Country's Leverage-Driven, Equity Frenzy

Amid a historic margin-fueled equity frenzy in mainland China that has tech stocks trading at 200X and has driven a wave of new, possibly literate “investors” to open more than 4 million stock trading accounts in the past 30 days alone, and with money now pouring into “undervalued” (and that’s now a very relative term) Hong Kong shares sending the Hang Seng up 10% in just one week, some might suggest that there’s a (super) bubble forming in Asia and that would be bad for all of the housewives who have recently taken up day trading as their favorite hobby. Here to explain why there’s no bubble and why investors should "enjoy the ride", are FT and HSBC.

FT: “With valuations so high inside China, what do you make of suggestions that China has a new equity bubble?”


HSBC’s Head Of China Equity Strategy Steven Sun: “I wouldn’t say it’s a new equity bubble in the Asia market… it’s not like 2007 [and while] certain sectors may look bubbly... for now, I would suggest continue to enjoy the ride.”




And besides, even if it were a bubble, we found out today that bubbles are good.