Did Presidential Candidate, Marco Rubio, Make A Deal With The Devil?

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Apr 18, 2015 - 20:35

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Is mainstream media really going to ignore that Marco Rubio’s campaign is named after the late 1990′s think tank called a ‘Project for a New American Century’ (PNAC), founded by Head Neocon – Bill Kristol?  And this is no coincidence.  Guess who’s doing the Sunday talk show circuit campaigning for a Rubio presidency?  You know it…


Now as a reminder the PNAC is a lobby group formed by a host of neocons at the end of the 1990′s with an objective of war in the Middle East.  See if you recognize a few of the notable names of people that signed the PNAC’s founding statement of principles; Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Ron Perle and Paul Wolfowitz.  You’ll note these guys became Vice President, Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Defense Policy Board and Deputy Secretary of Defense, respectively, under president Bush about six months before 9/11.

Have a look at the following recommendations from the Project for a New American Century’s apex report sent to President Clinton in September of 2000.  One year exactly before the 9/11 tragedy that became the sales pitch for an unendable war on terror similar to Reagan’s war on drugs some 35 years ago, both still going strong with no signs of slowing. The report titled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” recommends that while the world was in the longest sustained period of global peace (acknowledged in the report) that America should establish four key objectives as it headed into the new century.  Pay particular attention to the second ‘core mission’ in the following excerpt from the report.

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Funny thing about these four core missions is that each and everyone of them came to fruition.  Not surprising given the authors became the senior military policy makers about 6 months after the recommendations were sent to outgoing President Clinton.  Now there is more than meets the eye to all of this and I won’t get into the details here but for those interested, if you want to understand the very ugly truth about how and why America is in the midst of a seemingly endless war on ‘terror’ in the Middle East have a read of an article I wrote some time ago called “The Most Essential Lessons of History that No One Wants to Admit“.

You will realize that our boy Bill Kristol is just the face of an immense amount of money and political persuasion.  Money talks and our government is for sale.  Just ask Marco Rubio what the going rate for naming rights is on a presidential campaign these days.  The power and money that Kristol represents do not provide their support without expectations.  These thugs absolutely want their return on capital.  The returns come by way of a currency only a President carries.

Anyone not interested in WWIII should be very wary of a Rubio presidency.  Marco Rubio’s financial backing will absolutely guarantee a war with Russia and a war with Russia means a war with China for it must protect its future energy supplies.  Bill Kristol and his band of armchair warriors have been lobbying for a war with Russia since at least as far back as 2004 as evidenced in the following letter to group of European heads of state.

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The letter really depicts the kind of rhetoric used by these neocons.  You can see from the list of names supporting this effort at the end of the full letter, these neocons are the very same neocons recommending the US start a series of arbitrary wars in the name of peace via the Project for a New American Century, as noted above.  Now they lack any substantive facts in their letter and so use implications and conjecture about Russia being a dictatorship, which is no more true, and probably less, than it is for the US meaning we are throwing stones in glass houses.  President Bush and Obama remember have signed several executive orders, such as the AUMF and NDAA that negate an American citizen’s constitutional rights.

The best evidence that indeed Americans’ constitutional rights to things like Habeas Corpus are negated under the combined executive orders of AUMF and NDAA is depicted in the United States Court of Appeals Second Circuit District Judge, Lewis Kaplan’s ruling statement.  He explains their plurality decision was a compromise that gives authority to suspend a citizen’s constitutional rights but only until the respective ‘war’, is over.  However this is not a compromise at all.  When the ‘war’ is a war on terror it is not only indefinite but infinite for when would we ever suggest we are no longer fighting against terrorism.  So while the District court’s ruling suggests that it limits the negation of a citizen’s constitutional rights, for all intents and purposes it limits the negation to a duration of forever, which is by definition not a limitation.

But as I so often do I digress.  My point is that Bill Kristol and his armchair warriors have been lobbying for a war with Russia in the very same way they lobbied for “multiple simultaneous major theater wars”, which they got in the Middle East.  One can only conclude then that given a Rubio presidency, war with Russia is all but guaranteed.

One of Kristol’s armchair warriors is the one and only Victoria Nuland, wife of a Kagan boy, he himself a general in the armchair army.  Note that Nuland was the conductor of the coup d’etat in Ukraine as evidenced in a recording of a conversation between her and a fellow US diplomat discussing who they were going to place as head of state in Ukraine.  Now the recording begs two questions.  What gives US diplomats the right to decide the head of state for a foreign ‘democratic’ nation?  And perhaps more interesting, how did Nuland know that there would be an opening for head of state in Ukraine given the recorded conversation took place prior to the coup d’etat and so prior to any rational notion that a replacement would be needed?  Unless of course Nuland was aware that there would soon be an opening for the role of President of Ukraine.

Anyone that still believes the US is not the most corrupt government in the world is simply in denial.  All the facts are there and to discount them is to deny them.  I’m going to leave you with perhaps the best interview I’ve ever seen with Bill Kristol by a character we can all appreciate.  Enjoy it but don’t miss the message.  Kristol is nothing but a muppet, however, the men behind Kristol are extremely dangerous and men who work in political shadows to get what they want by purchasing and threatening the careers of American legislators.  These men who work in the shadows are just the current members of the same group that forced Woodrow Wilson to approve the Central Banking Act against his better judgment in 1913 and 30 years later forced Harry Truman to support taking land from the Palestinians and calling it Israel against his better judgement.  Ample evidence shows that both took those personally regretful actions under extreme political duress by a group we now call the neocons.

Rubio has essentially made a deal with the devil.  He has accepted the help of perhaps the most powerful political force in Washington but it will cost him a Presidential executive order to initiate military aggression against Russia.  If we allow this to play out the blood of so many more young Americans and other young men and women around the world will be on the hands of we the people for again failing to uphold our duties as Americans, a self governed people, rather than as subservient fools.