The Next Round of the Great Crisis is at Our Doorstep

The next round of the financial crisis is at our doorstep.


Central Bankers bet the financial system that their academic theories would work, despite the countless real-world examples showing that printing money does not generate growth.


After all… we know that…


1)   Stocks are expensive by just about every conceivable metric.

2)   Global GDP growth is overstated dramatically with China at most growing 3.5% per year, the US in recession, and Europe in a full-scale DE-pression.

3)   QE is completely useless at generating growth with Japan in a triple dip recession after launching a QE program equal to 25% of its GDP and the US in recession despite having spent over $3 trillion.

4)   Central Bankers don’t care in the slightest about how their policies affect the rest of us.

5)   Even investing legends who have made their billions off of stocks admit the market is a complete farce and that a Crash is coming.

6)   Billionaires moving their money out of stocks and into ANYTHING else at a record pace.


And finally..


7)   None of initial problems which lead to the 2008 crisis (excessive leverage, rampant fraud, etc.) have been addressed.


Let’s face the facts. The very same problems that lead to 2008 remain in place today. The people who created this mess have gone unpunished. No one went to jail. No rule of law was upheld. Instead trillions of US taxpayer dollars were funneled to a bunch of crooks and liars.


And the Fed and friends actually thought growth might come out of this?


We’ve written before that the Fed’s policies were cancerous and would kill the system. This has proven to be the case…


·      The bond market is illiquid and extraordinarily dangerous thanks to the Fed screwing up the yield curve and soaking up Treasuries from QE.


·      The stock market has no bearing on reality, with accounting standards thrown out the window and investors fleeing in droves.


·      The economy is in shambles with almost all job growth post 2008 based on phony accounting or crappy part time jobs… again thanks to policies employed by the Fed.


·      The middle class has been destroyed thanks to Dollar devaluation and rising costs of living that have wiped out savings and made it impossible for the average American to get by.


·      Retirees and those close to retirement have lost valuable interest income courtesy of the Fed’s zero interest rate policy.


At the end of the day, the Fed with its misguided theories have demolished capitalism: the single most powerful form of wealth generation in the history of mankind. All the Fed has really accomplished is leverage the entire financial by an even greater amount… which has set the stage for a collapse that will make 2008 look like a picnic.


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