Was Your Apple Watch "First Day" Experience Comparable To This?

As the de minimus supply of Apple Watches meets the stupendous demand from wrists everywhere, The Daily Mash offers one satirically-conjured man's perspective of his first day wearing the device...

Sales manager Tom Logan’s new Apple Watch has been unexpectedly ridiculed by his work colleagues.


32-year-old Logan felt confident that his futuristic timepiece would attract admiring glances rather than unflattering Knight Rider comparisons.



He said: “I had it all planned out – not saying anything about it, but then somebody just notices and goes ‘is that the new Apple Watch?’. I would respond simply with a wry Clooney-esque smile and they would mouth the word ‘awesome’.


“What actually happened is somebody said ‘what the fuck’s that weird-looking thing?’


“I explained that it was the brand new Apple Watch and they went ‘HAHAHA’ in a really deliberately hurtful way. The accounts assistant said it was the opposite of a fanny magnet and everyone cracked up.


“Then everyone started pretending to talk into their watches, saying things like ‘come in KITT, I am a massive tosser, please help’.”


By 10am Logan had removed the watch. He explained: “It wasn’t because people were being sarcastic, I just had a hot wrist, everyone gets a hot wrist sometimes.


“People get jealous of early adopters.”

But it gets worse... Do not drop your up-to-$17,000 watch... ever!


Especially not from your wrist!