Kathamandu: Before And After The Devastation

As the death toll in Nepal tops 5,000 (with some fearing it could reach 10,000) the devastation across the country is unbelievable (with the Nepalese government stating 130,033 homes destroyed). Nowhere is this more evident than in its capital Kathmandu...

Ancient buildings in Basantapur Durbar Square...


Only the base of Dharahara, also called Bhimsen Tower - a nine-storey tower built in 1832 - remains after most of it collapsed in the 7.8-magnitude earthquake


Remains of the temples in Patan Durbar Square reduced to rubble by the earthquake


A pillar and statue of Garuda, a Hindu divine character,  is partially damaged after the earthquake


A satellite image shows Kathmandu’s historic centre before the earthquake, left, and after, right


And finally, satellite before and after images show an area of ground in Kathmandu used as an open air shelter after the earthquake.


Images: The Guardian