European Derivative Market Breaks

Usually when markets break, we learn about it only after the fact. This time, however, we get a heads up in advance that Europe's critical derivatives market - especially critical today with massive bond derivatives volumes coming through as a result of this morning's latest rout which has managers scrambling to reposition - is about to break, courtesy of the Euronext Derivatives Market.

To wit from Euronext:

Members are advised that due to technical issues with CCG configurations, members might experience a disconnection as from  13:10 CET during a shorty period of time.


This operation will be conducted over a short period of time, and customers should be automatically reconnected at the end of the process.

And by short period, it is likely that they mean the usual: until the selling stops.


Needless to say, expect this morning Bund rout to halt and/or reverse as a result of this market "intervention"

* * *

Update: the "shorty" period of time is over, and the selling has ended. Time to go back online: