Cold War 2.0: Visualizing All Recent "Close Encounters" Between Russian And NATO Warplanes

Lately, not a day seems to pass without news of NATO jets being scrambled to intercept/reroute a Russian warplane or reconnaisance jet. As a result, David Cenciotti's The Aviationist blog has compiled the recent history of all the "close encounters" between Russian and NATO warplanes since 2013. In a 69-page e-book he has summarized "all the most significant close encounters" to show "how routine interceptions have become recurrent, tenser and more dangerous; the proof that we live in a new Cold War, or a “Cold War 2.0?, as we dubbed it."

The full e-book can be found below (link), while a quick summary showing just how provocative the two sides have become toward one another, can be seen on the infographic below.


Presenting David Cenciotti's, COLD WAR 2.0: All the most significant close encounters between NATO and Russian warplanes since 2013