China Is Crashing (Again)

It appears - as opposed to what the world's asset-gathering commission-takers would have one believe - that huge illiquid spikes in bond markets are not good for stocks. As the bond carnage continues to careen throughout Asia, Chinese stock investors appear to have decided enough is enough at doubling their money in a mere few months. After early weakness out of the gate, the ubiquitous dip-buyer-of-last-resort failed to appear as the afternoon session arrived and Chinese stock indices are down between 5% (Shanghai Comp - which never took out its previous highs) and 7% (CHINEXT which was up over 16% in the last 3 days) overnight. Everybody better be hoping for a disastrous jobs number on Friday or this drop may suddenly become the long lost 'healthy' correction in global stocks so many have called for.




And the last week... 10% correction... 16% face-ripper... 7% correction


Every asset manager in the world is currently praying that MSCI does not include China in its indices or risk budgets everywhere will be blown and exposure to global equities will be forced lower.


Charts: Bloomberg