Former European Council President Van Rompuy Appointed As Japan Haiku Ambassador

Remember Gollum, pardon Herman van Rompuy, the former president of the European Commission with a penchant for lugubrious drollery on both Twitter and in real life?


After disappearing from the public scene last November when his term in EC expired, the Belgian politician has re-emerged, or rather, reincarnated into his new role. And while it is not hardly as dramatic as the emergence of a Hermina van Rompuy, his new role will surely raise several (knowing) eyebrows.

Meet: Japan's new Haiku Ambassador. From the Japan Times:

The Foreign Ministry said Tuesday it has named former European Council President Herman Van Rompuy as ambassador for enhancing relations between Japan and the European Union through haiku.


Van Rompuy visited Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at his office the same day.


The Belgian politician said he will do more to further develop Japan-EU relations as a haiku poet and a Japanophile. Abe asked for his support for bettering bilateral ties.

Who says politicians don't have real world skills. The question now: what will DieselBOOM's job be once the (latest( artificial European monetary union is finally torn apart.