The New World Order - A Faustian Bargain

Submitted by Jeff Thomas via Doug Casey's International Man blog,

Faustian bargain: An agreement in which a person abandons his or her spiritual values or moral principles in order to obtain wealth or other benefits. A deal with the devil.

The argument over the existence of an Elite, who plan to control the entire world under a New World Order like some great yo-yo, has been around for a long time. Not surprisingly, events created by world leaders of all stripes in recent years give rise to an increasing belief in the likelihood of the existence of such an effort.

There are two great dangers in attempting to describe this perceived secret endeavour, and they are at opposite ends of the spectrum: a) being so naive as to assume that no collusion exists amongst various groups of leaders to further their respective ends, and b) over-simplifying such alliances to suggest that there is an Elite Master Plan that all members implicitly agree upon and follow in every respect.

Assumption A

In any country, the citizenry are accustomed to such acts of collusion as all the petrol suppliers raising the price by the same amount, overnight. Few individuals would doubt that the two companies get together well in advance to agree on the price hike.

The same sort of collusion can be expected between banks and governments, etc. However, most people in any given country seem to believe that the political parties that rule them do not collude in their own collective interest and against the best interests of their respective constituents.

Similarly, they are unlikely to accept that fascism exists in their country—that members of their favoured party collude with industries. Further, most people seem to disbelieve that the leaders of their own country collude with the leaders of their country’s enemies in such a way that might create loss or danger to their own people. This is naive. Such collusions are the norm rather than the exception.

Assumption B

Those who tend to be more informed, readily acknowledge that collusion exists between all of the above, to one degree or another. If this group errs, it is often in the opposite assumption—that the collusion is all-encompassing.

There can be no doubt that a New World Order is being sought by some—this has been made clear for at least a hundred years by many who regard themselves as an Elite. It is therefore an open secret. As stated by David Rockefeller in his memoirs:

Some even believe we are a part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty and I am proud of it.

But the error that is most common amongst those who oppose a New World Order is the extent to which they believe the collusion exists. Many believe the collusion is total. That is, a Master Plan exists amongst the world’s leaders (the heads of the central banks, the Bilderberg Group, the leaders of the most powerful nations—or the whole gang of them—take your pick) that all members agree upon in detail and in full.

Still, when any New World Order opponent rails against the latest perceived move by the Elite, if asked the question, “Do you really think that these people are so unified that several hundred of them get together every week around a conference table to decide who to victimise this week?,” most will say that, no, they may act in concert, but not in so total a fashion.

Option C

So, is there a third perception as regards those in high positions who collude on a large scale? In my opinion there is.

In my experience in dealing with political leaders (and political hopefuls) from several jurisdictions, I’ve found there to be a consistent sociopathology (by definition, the desire for dominance over others, undeserved self-confidence, lack of empathy, a sense of entitlement, lack of conscience, etc.). Whether they are British members of Parliament or US members of Congress, they tend to display the same sociopathic traits.

Sociopaths are drawn to political leadership for obvious reasons. First, they’re prone to collusion, as they recognise that it may further their interests (agreements with a small group of individuals that would allow for dominance over another, larger group of individuals). And this, of course, fits well into Assumption B.

Trouble is, the same sociopathology would drive the same individuals to seek to dominate each other. Yes, they would enter into agreements with one another, but even as they are making them, they would be planning to deviate from them.

Any agreement regarding increased power for all members, defining what seat each would have at the table, may be agreed, but immediately after, each would begin jockeying for a better seat. Further, whatever agenda is agreed upon, each would already have a secondary agenda for his own betterment even as the agreement is being forged.

Any attempt at a New World Order, if it were to succeed in creating unified dominance, would never reach full fruition, as so many disparate individuals would be plotting for a bigger piece of the pie from the outset.

As regards the desire to follow a Grand Plan, we are not describing the meek Kool-Aid drinkers of Jonestown, Guyana, whose willingness to follow a Master Plan was unquestioningly due to their extremely low self-esteem. We are describing those with the opposite mental makeup—those who are compulsive in their desire for dominance of others (first their minions, then their partners).

Further, each would promote his own sphere of power. A banker would seek to have the group’s means of control be economically based; a general would seek to have the means of control be militarily based; etc.

Dissent Among the Ranks

The push-and-pull of sociopathic leaders is unending. Their very makeup dictates that each one individually will always be vying for more. In order to achieve that, they will form subversive subgroups that will agree on a separate direction from what has been agreed by the primary group, and along the way, each one, in his lack of conscience and loyalty, might betray both the primary group and the subgroup.

In the end, there’s no question that there are those who consider themselves to be part of a New World Order, as so many have publicly stated so themselves, for generations. Also, there can be little doubt that each member expects to come out of the deal as a ruler, not as one of the ruled. Further, the effort is ongoing and growing, and will result in great damage for the average person who, in most cases, simply wishes to be left alone to run his own life.

It has been postulated by many that those who see themselves as an Elite are nearing the completion of what they perceive as world dominance. However, should they succeed, they will betray their partners the very next day, as it’s their nature to do so. Their behaviour would likely be that of a group of cats with their tails tied together.

So, what might we take away from this discussion? First, that there most assuredly are extremely domineering forces (regardless of how closely associated they might be), which, in the near future, will do immense damage to the cause of freedom in the world, particularly in those countries where they are most dominant, or will become most dominant. Second, the situation does appear to be reaching a head.

The two greatest uncertainties will be how much damage will be done before the dust has settled, and how protracted the period of destruction and struggle for dominance might be.

Ultimately, for the reasons stated above, I don’t believe the New World Order concept can fully prevail, but it can and will do damage of unprecedented proportions in the attempt to implement it. Those involved will not be swayed from their individual or collective objectives (consider Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin).

The best that can be done is to work at placing ourselves as far outside of their sphere of influence as possible.