Bitcoin Spikes As Greeks Follow Cyprus "Template"

In March/April 2013, Bitcoin prices started to soar as Dijsselbloem's "template" applied to Cyprus prompted many to rethink money entirely. As the reality of a possible Grexit looms and Capital Controls are denied (just as they were in Cyprus), so Bitcoin prices are once again surging (up 10% in the last few days) as non-fiat currency once again becomes bid.


Cyprus... 2013



Greece... 2015


As we noted in 2013, what is really driving this surge in demand for a different kind of 'money' is the wholesale loss of faith in the status quo - nowhere is this clearer than in the words and actions of the people of Cyprus capturing the thoughts and feelings of ordinary Cypriots after their bank accounts were frozen...

"Nothing has started yet... everything is going to fall down like dominoes because people don't trust the banks."

Coming to a Greek TV station near you soon.

Source: Bitcoinwisdom