The Sheer Absurdity Of Greek "Demands" As Summarized In One Protest Banner

These days Greeks aren't exactly sure what they want when it comes to their relationship with Europe and who can blame them?

Staying in the currency bloc means more austerity, perpetual debt servitude, and the subjugation of democracy to the German purse string, while Grexit means redenomination, social upheaval, and the reintroduction of the drachma which will, at least temporarily, plunge the country back to what will effectively be a barter economy. 

This political, social, and economic Catch 22 has led to alternating protests and demonstrations between those who want out, and those who think the costs of abandoning the euro are simply too great to bear.

Underscoring the confusion is the following poster from Monday's pro-Europe rally, which reads "YES to Europe, NO to Austerity":

Unfortunately for this protester (and for Greeks in general), these two concepts are mutually exclusive.