Cost Of "War" With ISIS Hits $9.2 Million Per Day

While the US waits patiently for just the right time and/or excuse to “intervene” in Syria’s bloody civil war (which continues to claim lives even as the conflict’s outcome is preordained) the American taxpayer is paying a hefty price to support the “battle” against the CIA’s “strategic asset” gone rogue. 

And while the cost will only grow once Washington determines boots on the ground forward spotters are necessary to increase the accuracy and efficiency of the “coalition” air campaign, the DoD was kind enough to produce a few handy infographics which detail the current cost associated with countering ISIS’ decision to abandon its Assad usurpation directive in favor of establishing a medieval Islamic caliphate.

The damage: about $9.2 million per day or around $3 billion in total, meaning the US could have created around 67,000 average jobs with the money it's spent fighting the group.

And here is a breakdown of what the DoD says has been destroyed so far:

Source: DoD

It wasn't immediately clear how many of the humvees and tanks destroyed with US taxpayer dollars were also built with US taxpayer dollars, but we suppose it doesn't really matter because after all, as long as the weapons sales generated by Washington's foreign policy debacles provide enough of a GDP boost to offset the cash burn, all's well that ends in a horrific proxy war.