A Drone's Eye View Of The Massive Numbers Behind The Greek "No" Vote

Tens of thousands of Greeks flooded the streets of central Athens on Friday evening ahead of Sunday's referendum.

Both the "yes" crowd and the "no" crowd were out in force with the former camped out in front of Olympic stadium and the latter in front of Parliament. Each rally boasted participation of more than 20,000 people according to local police.

“I call you to say again a big proud ‘no’ to ultimatums on Sunday,” PM Alex Tsipras shouted, in a speech to the "No" supports. "We can also say it in German: Nein, Frau Merkel, Nein,” another speaker quipped. 

Indeed, the size of the rallies was quite impressive, if somewhat disquieting.

As you can see from the drone footage below, Athenians are restless and we can't help but wonder what the scene will be in the streets of Athens on Sunday evening once the results are tallied and one of these two dueling groups is forced to acquiesce to the other's vision of Greece's future.