Hillary Ropes Off "Everyday" Reporters, Creates Media Spectacle

In case anyone forgot, Hillary Clinton — whose demands for a keynote speech appearance include a quarter of a million dollars, a private jet ("a Gulfstream 450 or larger), and $1,000 for a stenographer — is running for "everyday Americans." 

Presumably, these are the "folks" who make up the 83% of American workers classified by the BLS as "non supervisory" and probably include those whose job it is to report the news, which is why we were surprised (not really) to see that when it comes to "everyday" reporters, covering a Clinton rally means being herded along like cattle inside a moving rope pen which looks to have been designed to separate the former First Lady from 'the rest of us':

*  *  *

The media has predictably had a field day with the images. It's not yet clear what impact the debacle will have on Clinton's ability to "rope in" voters so to speak.