Rick Santelli Unleashed: It's Not The Economy, Stupid - "The Central Planners Are In Control"

"China is not doing anything that the US has not already tried," exclaims Rick Santelli as he derides the 'entitlement' society has reached the investor class. Whether it's US, Japan, Europe, or China, "the idea of trying to prop up returns in the equity market - admitted or not - is going on," Santelli notes, asking - after forcing every mom and pop out of savings and into investment, "if it doesn't turn out well... do they have a moral obligation to help out?" Simply put, he rages - drawing the chart of the year - "the central planners are in control... and I don't suspect they will give up the reins any time soon."


Three minutes of reality check...

We are sure one day the world will realize the smoke and mirrors that have been promulgated as 'free markets' and 'free economies' has morphed into nothing more than an ongoing can-kicking exercise in futility as the endgame is self-evident - that which cannot go on forever, won't!