"I'm Not Stupid" - Who Has The Last Laugh Caption Contest

According to eyewitness accounts, the atmosphere at the marathon Greek bailout discussions in Brussels over the weekend began to resemble a "crazy kindergarten" on Saturday evening when the incorrigible German FinMin clashed with ECB chief Mario Draghi.

Any eurocrat who dared to suggest leniency for the Greeks incurred the terrible wrath of "The Schaueble" that night and indeed by the time the Eurosummit concluded on Monday morning, Germany got its way and no matter how "strong" Draghi might have appeared to the EU officials present in Brussels, the last laugh ultimately belongs to the German finance ministry.

For those who missed it, here are the details from Reuters followed by an image which we'll leave it to readers to caption.

Schaeuble also crossed swords with ECB governor Mario Draghi, snapping at the Italian central banker "I'm not stupid!"


"It was crazy, a kindergarten," said a source describing the overall course of nine hours of talks on Saturday among weary ministers attending their sixth emergency Eurogroup in three weeks. "Bad emotions have completely taken over."


Schaeuble and others seemed to favour a "Grexit", another participant said. The European Central Bank's Draghi seemed "the strongest European" in the room, most opposed to the risky experiment of cutting Greece loose and braving Schaeuble's ire by interrupting him during a discussion on Athens' debt burden.