The GOP's Biggest Nightmare: Trump Dominates Fox News Poll

Demagogue or not, The Donald continues to gain support among Republicans for the GOP Presidential nomination, according to the latest FOX News poll, and among Republican primary voters, Trump now captures 18 percent: more than his closest competitor, Walker.

He’s closely followed by Walker at 15 percent and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush at 14 percent. No one else reaches double-digits.


As FOX reports,

Support for Trump is up seven percentage points since last month and up 14 points since May.  He’s also the candidate GOP primary voters say they are most interested in learning more about during the debates.


Walker’s up six points since he officially kicked off his campaign. That bump gets him back to the support he was receiving earlier this year. In March, he was also at 15 percent.


Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul gets eight percent, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio receives seven percent, former neurosurgeon Ben Carson comes in at six percent, and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee get four percent a piece.

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Here's Martin Armstrong on the matter...


Trump is hitting very hard, clearly tapping into the emerging anti-establishment politician trend. He bluntly states, “Who do you want negotiating with China? Trump or Bush?” You could expand that to Hillary. Her negotiations amount to how much they are willing to donate to her questionable charity. People setup such charities because they have money to give back TO society, like Bill Gates. The Clintons started their charity when they were broke. Who is the charity really benefiting and why did Hillary shakedown countries as Secretary of State to pile in money to their questionable charity?

MSNBC keeps trying to focus on Trump’s comments on Mexico. They give him tons of airtime in an attempt to discourage people from voting for him, but they may be creating the exact opposite. Despite what everyone says, he is tapping into the increasingly popular view that everyone is starting to feel, having had enough of politicians, or at least the ones with a brain.

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