Flight MH370 Wreckage Found, Close To Madagascar

16 Months after Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared off the coast of Malaysia, The Telegraph reports that fragments of a wing washed up in the French island of Reunion (near Madagascar) could be wreckage from the missing plane, according to an aviation expert.

Vareious consipracy theories surrounded the plane's disappearance...

But as The Telegraph reports, there may be some resolution...

Xavier Tytelman, a former military pilot who now specialises in aviation security, was contacted on Wednesday morning by a man living on the island of Reunion, in the Indian Ocean. The man sent Mr Tytelman a series of photos showing wreckage of a plane, which the Frenchman said could possibly be the missing jet.


"I've been studying hundreds of photos and speaking to colleagues," Mr Tytelman told The Telegraph. "And we all think it is likely that the wing is that of a Boeing 777 – the same plane as MH370.


"Police in Reunion examining the wreckage say that it looks like it's been in the water for around a year, which again would fit with MH370. We can't say for certainty, but we do think there is a chance that this is it."

The wing fragment....

And an expert explains...



Where the wing fragment was found...


Source: The Aviationist

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Writing on his blog, Mr Tytlemann explains, (via Translate)

The day starts with an innocuous call of the meeting. Was found on the beach of debris that resemble those of an aircraft wing. A few photos later, no certainty, that it is actually a piece of plane (asymmetry above/below). Too convex, not deep enough, the piece doesn't look like yet the wing of a modern airliner or a recreational tourism plane.



The AvGeek team was then launched in the search. It is a forum in which pilots, aviation specialists and enthusiasts share away from prying, allowing all hypotheses... ideas abound and lead on the most likely: the box of an airliner.

Remains is to define what aircraft, and we are launching in the comparison of hundreds of photos of airliners. The missing element will come from a driver, LustuCrewfriend, who sends me the Boeing 777 flaperons patterns.

The similarity is amazing,"we can see the slot for the outboard actuator, the seal... "Here is the small made mounting:

Comparaison entre le flaperon d'un B777 et le débris retrouvé à la Réunion

Comparison between the flaperon of a B777 and the debris found at the meeting

Have found the first debris from the MH370, the Boeing 777 of the Malaysia Airlines been in March 2014 to the Australia wide without leaving any trace? The debris seems not very degraded and constables on the spot believe that they could be immersed for about a year...

A reference is also indicated on the debris: BB670. This code corresponds to the registration of an aircraft, or the serial number of a device. On the other hand, if this flaperon belongs to the MH370, it is clear that this reference will allow to identify rapidly. In a few days, we will have a definitive answer.

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