JPMorgan Helps Comex Avoid Gold Depletion, Boosts Registered Gold By 78% Overnight

Earlier this week, when observing the most recent drop in Comex registered gold as a result of a reclassification by the gold vaults of JPM and Brink's of 25,386 ounces of registered gold into eligible (alongside the withrawal of 200,752 ounces of eligible gold from JPM), we wondered if Comex "may be on the edge" since after the adjustment, Comex registered gold had dropped to a never before seen low of just over 10 tons, resulting in record high gold coverage ratio of 124 ounces in outstanding gold open interest for every ounce of physical.


To be sure, we had no explanation for the drop, but we did muse that "the mainstream press will once again start paying close attention to the total, and especially registered, gold held at the Comex: at a pace of 25K a day, the gold vaults that make up the CME's vaulting system would be depleted in just under two weeks of daily withdrawals."

And while the mainstream press has certainly not opined on the peculiar events at the Comex, we have been paying particularly close attention to the daily Comex gold updates, and is probably why we were less than surprised to see that just 2 days after our report, the Comex once again succeeded in sweeping default fears under the rug by boosting its eligible gold by a whopping 78% overnight, from 362K ounces to 643K, thereby pushing deliverable gold from its all time lows.


However, this was not achieved with an infusion of actual new gold into the Comex, but thanks to JPM reclassifying 276K ounces of gold from the Eligible into the Registered category, even as actual eligible gold continues quietly hemmorhaging out of the Comex.

So the gold can was kicked again, but for how long? And will JPM be as eager to continue "adjusting" eligible gold into registered if the recent trend in gold redemptions not just in its vault, but across all Comex gold warehouses continues?

For the answer, keep checking this website around 3pm every day for all the latest gold moves in and out of the Comex.