These Are The "People" That Really Run Your State

Back in June we showed you "who" really runs your state. By "who" we actually meant "what company", but since corporations are now people, we suppose it’s all the same.

The map showed the largest corporations by revenue in each state and as we noted at the time, there were some surprises (Chevron, not Apple runs California; Costco, not Microsoft runs Washington, for example). 

Below, we present a similar graphic only this time, it’s market cap rather than revenue that’s in focus and as you can see, some of the surprises have disappeared. 

As Broadview Networks explains:

You may have seen the Largest Companies by Revenue 2015 map we put together in June. Well we’re back with an updated version using the latest Market Cap data.  Last year’s map and last month’s map created so much buzz and insightful conversation that we felt it was best to expand on our ideas.


We’ve heard your questions, such as, “Where are Apple and Microsoft?”.  These huge companies could not be represented on the total revenue maps we had posted, since other companies had a higher total revenue.  Your questions end here because the wait is over! This map reveals the largest companies by their market value in each state, which is what most people think of when they hear about big businesses. It’s safe to say, most people will not be surprised with the results.


Please note: We used Market Cap value on 7/27/2015 for the list from Yahoo Finance.  Because of its ever changing value, some of the values may be different today.