Einstein, Physics, Gold and The Formula To End Economic Decay

Einstein, Physics, Gold and The Formula To End Economic Decay 

by David Bryan

“It Can Be No Other Way

By backing their productivity with artificial money, people have been tricked into giving banks a counter party claim to their wealth. The assets used or owned by their forefathers are now incorporated within vast corporations or pledged as debt in exchange for central banker’s script.

Einstein was the greatest mind of this century and when he states the formula for reality we should pay full attention to what he says. Beliefs spun into economic or social systems do not improve the economy or add to the social health of a nation.

Albert Einstein“Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is Physics.” Einstein

There are two types of money, real money that can be explained in terms of physics and ensures the economic health of a nation and there is belief money where, regardless of immense propaganda, the banks that issue this money have a counter party claim to the nations wealth. The use of artificial money empowers the central bank and destroys the economic health of a nation.

Money is defined as any good that is widely accepted in exchange for goods and services as well as payment of a debt. The functions of money are: 

1/ A unit of account to measure the relative worth of goods and services;

2/ A medium of exchange;

3/ A store of value.

Money generated from a computer or a printing press is artificial money that nobody has worked for and because it does not match the basic requirement of a good, it does not have the physics of matter to act as a measure that can be used to value other goods or services.

This permits real wealth to be exchanged for pieces of monopoly paper.

Artificial money:
1/ Does not provide a physical unit of account to measure the productive value of goods and services;
2/ Does not provide a stable medium of exchange between nations;
3/ Does not provide a lasting store of value.

The Federal Reserve dollar is paper that has lost 97% of its stated purchasing power since it was introduced in 1913 and becomes progressively worth less and less.

Gold in terms of physics is money that has real tangible wealth and preserves or gains purchasing power. It fulfills the definition of a good and perfectly carries out each of the functions of money. In 1913 an ounce of gold was $20.67 and despite enormous propaganda and central banks repression of competitive money the same ounce of gold is in the region of $1,120.67 today.

Humanity is suffering extreme fraud from unlimited amounts of central banker’s artificial counter party paper that does not have the physics to act as money and yet is issued as binding debt on governments and vulnerable borrowers.

This is the situation in Greece, which is one of the European countries that have been labeled with the insulting acronym of PIGS. Where due to a failure to understand the physics of money, men women and children are being driven into penury. As PIGS under banker repression they are denied national dignity and have had their democratic rights overruled. National assets of the Greek people have been stripped from state ownership and are being incorporated into the circle of the money ‘elite’.

The Greek people have been tricked because the counter party claim to artificial money has allowed a foreign central bank override their national sovereignty and take their nations wealth. The central banks ability to exercise complete capital controls over the artificial Euro, set artificial interest rates and restrict bank account withdrawals has ensured that there is no financial possibility for the Greek people to deploy their capital, become free from debt or regain the assets their forefathers enjoyed.

The physics of enterprise is energy.

It is through the dynamic of enterprise that our forefathers built up great manufacturing, great farming, great fisheries, great transport, great infrastructure and great services. It is from enterprise that our future prosperity is achieved and personal endeavor is rewarded.

The physics of gold is matter.

It is through its natural physical wealth that gold provides a store of real value. Gold does not have a national currency or state boundary gold serves people everywhere.

Gold is independent money that prevents central banks from having counter party claim to the nations wealth. Gold cannot be printed into existence so it does not require the artificial set up of a central bank.

Gold is the peoples’ ultimate financial protection from corrupt government and financial institutions.

Gold cannot go broke. Until 1971, gold or silver have been used for thousands of years by every country in the world to guarantee the independence and value of their currencies.  The gold in treasury belongs to the people, used as money it has the physics of real wealth to back their enterprise and ensure the economic health of their nation.

According to Einstein reality must comprise the physics of energy and matter. Match the physics of enterprise with the physics of gold and you cannot but get prosperity.

 ”It can be no other way! This is not philosophy. This is Physics.”

Before substituting the physics of a gold standard for the philosophy of a belief in a controlled artificial monetary system in 1971, the enterprising middle class of the United States with calm assured confidence, created an estimated net 200,000 new businesses annually.

Because of a worthless belief in central banker’s artificial counter party paper that does not have the physics of matter to achieve the defined functions of money and yet binds the nation in ever increasing debt. Instead of an economy that continually prospered from the dynamic of some 200,000 new businesses created by an enterprising middle class each year. Wage growth has steadily decayed and the numbers of business enterprises together with their productive jobs have become permanently net negative.

It is through the reality of physics and not belief that the dynamic of energy and matter create prosperity. Whenever people enjoy the calm assurance of scientific fact they cannot be easily deceived by dishonest political conduct, the earth’s physical resources and the dignity of people in every nation are well respected.

It would be an incredibly different economic and social world if government decisions and actions were carefully based on the application of assured scientific fact instead of the worthless belief in ism ideologies.

Whenever reality is explained in terms of the scientific application of the physics of energy and matter it ensures the economic and social health of every person on this planet.

The monopoly rights obtained by an international syndicate of central banks to issue unlimited amounts of artificial money has enriched the circle of an unproductive few with astronomical asset wealth. At last reckoning 80 oligarchs own the wealth equivalent of the bottom 3.6 billion people on the planet according to the charity Oxfam. Those 3.6 billion people deprived of asset wealth struggle to survive on less than $2 per day!

Money backed by physical gold would have served to protect humanity from this obscene transfer of huge wealth and natural resources to ‘an elite’ circle of corporations and individuals.

It is not widely known that the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland with a history of committing massive fraud controls and is controlled by every major central bank in the world. They operate as the global counterparty to all artificial monies. (Wikipedia)

The scientific formula that ends the structural economic decay of nations by central banks and begins to restore rightful prosperity for every person on this planet is absolute and indisputable:

Enterprise must always be backed by physical monetary wealth held in treasury “It can be no other way. This is not philosophyThis is physics.”

The brilliance of the ancients perpetuated:



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