The "Chicago Cubs No Hitter" Indicator Spells Doom For The Market

Following Milt Pappas' September 1972 'no hitter', The Dow dropped over 40%.


Carlos Zambrano's 'no hitter' in 2008 came during the Lehman bankruptcy weekend and was followed by a 30% plunge in the S&P in the next three weeks, as well as a 6000-point-plus total collapse in the Dow.


So, when we saw Jake Arrieta's 'no hitter' this weekend, we can only imagine what doom it implies for US stocks.

*  *  *

And if that is not worrying enough, as Spencer Jakab reminds us, the last time The Cubs won the National League Pennant was in 1945, two cities were destroyed by atom bombs.

* * *

P.S. this ridiculous post is dedicated to those who enjoy pitching goalseeked "charts" that justify their market predictions, but prefer to ignore anything that detracts from their narrative, as idiotic as it may be.