The Alarming Regularity of 6 and 7-Sigma Events Illustrates Why a Deep Understanding of Banker-Induced Fraud is a Necessity

In today's SmartKnowledgeU_Vlog_005, we discuss why an intelligent investment strategy is impossible without incorporation of market & banker fraud analysis, something that we have incorporated heavily into our strategies since we launched our company in mid-2007. Understanding market fraud allowed us to position our portfolio short the US stock market before the fall out occurred these past few weeks, as we even publicly posted this warning about an "imminent" US market collapse to our twitter account on 19 August, 2015, just one day before the US stock markets began free-falling.


 smartknowledgeu 2015 US stock market crash prediction


In addition to shorting US markets and closing out positions at very quick and substantial gains, our understanding of banker pricing fraud in gold and silver futures markets also allowed us to short gold and silver into the US stock market free fall and quickly close out our short gold and short silver positions respectively for very quick +5.27% and +16.24% gains. In our latest vlog below, we discuss why understanding the meaning behind these 5, 6, 7, and even 16-sigma events that are occuring with alarming regularity in global financial markets has been critical to maintaining positive yields this year in the short-term, will be critical to maintaining strongly positive yields over the long-term, and is necessary in formulating intelligent low-risk strategies to cope with the massive asset and market volatility that we have been experiencing, and that will likely accelerate in future months. I discuss in much greater detail why these 6 and 7-sigma events in global financial markets are incontrovertible evidence of banker fraud and banker disruption of liquidity and price discovery across global capital markets in the below vlog, so please watch the below vlog to access the substantial "meat" of this article.


smartknowledgeu_vlog_005: why formulating intelligent investment strategies without a deep understanding of banker fraud is impossible

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About the Vlogger: JS Kim is the Managing Director and Chief Investment Strategist of SmartKnowledgeU. His Crisis Investment Opportunities newsletter has respectively outperformed the Philadelphia Gold & Silver Index, the Australian ASX200, the London FTSE and the US S&P 500 by +125.53%, +76.92%, +69.07% and +27.63% (during the investment period from our inception on 15 June, 2007 until 2 September, 2015). For more information and access to a breakdown of our annual & cumulative returns, please visit