China's "Historic" 70th Victory Day Parade: Live Webcast

For those wondering why Chinese futures aren't crashing as of this moment, only to surge in the last hour of trading like plunge protected clockwork, the reason (and also the patriotic alibi behind China's "National Team" valiant, if failed, attempts to get a green Shanghai Composite close the past three days) is shown below: this is what Tiananmen Square looked like moments ago before the start of China's "historic" 70th V-day parade celebrating the anniversary of the end of the second world war as well as China's victory over Japan, not necessarily in that order (it is still unclear if those five Chinese ships parked off of Alaska are in any way related to today's festivities).

Here, via Xinhua, is a list of China's contributions in the war effort:

  • 1 million -- Since the July 7 Incident in 1937, when full-scale war against Japanese aggression broke out, the Chinese battlefield tied up about 1 million Japanese troops, or two thirds of the total Japanese army.
  • This allowed the Soviet Union to deploy more than half a million troops from the Far East to the country's major battlefield with the German Nazis, thus accelerating its victory against Germany.
  • 1.5 million -- As the major battlefield of the Pacific War, China inflicted heavy casualties on the Japanese aggressors, costing them 1.5 million troops, which makes up more than 70 percent of total Japanese military casualties in the war.
  • 1.28 million -- After the war, more than 1.28 million Japanese troops surrendered their weapons to China, accounting for about 50 percent of those who surrendered overseas.
  • 35 million -- China was one of the crucial fighters in WWII and made tremendous sacrifices during the war. According to incomplete statistics, Chinese military and civilian casualties added up to approximately 35 million.
  • That accounts for one third of the total casualties suffered by all countries during WWII.

What makes this year's parade unique is that for the first time in addition to the countless participants from the People's Liberation Army, nearly 1000 troops from 17 countries will participate in the parade.

The preparations started early as this video of downtown Beijing confirms. Alternatively, this is what China's capital will look like once the SHCOMP is back to 2000:

Then the troops starting arriving:

... then the foreign soldiers:

... and the people:

... the occasional celebrity:

... then the generals:

Until finally Xi himself showed up:

And, naturally, the guests of honor among which none other than Vladimir Putin:


Finally, for those sitting in front of their computer in Chinese stock market rollercoaster withdrawal, here is a live feed from Beijing to fill the transitory void in your lives: