The Doomsday Vault Was Opened For The First Time Ever!

Doomsday Vault 3


Earlier this week, there was a shocking revelation the so-called ‘doomsday vault’ in Norway had to be opened for the very first time. Just 1,300 kilometers north of the arctic circle on one of the Norwegian islands of Spitsbergen, an underground vault is keeping millions of flower, plant and crop seeds in inventory to protect the world from sudden shocks.

The vault is located in/under a frozen mountain on one of the Spitsbergen islands and as the designers really seemed to have a long-term vision, even melting ice caps would ensure the vault remains above the elevated sea level.

Once again it’s great to see how Norway tries to be as independent as possible, as not only does its sovereign wealth fund have hundreds of billions of dollars to safeguard the wealth and prosperity of the country, it also is the only country having a very long-term vision as it has funded the entire construction cost  (and operating expenses) of a polar vault only used to store crop seeds. This should ensure the country (and by extrapolation the entire world) to be able to re-plant certain crops in the event of a total disaster.



And that’s what’s important here. The vault was originally created to ensure the world population would always be able to have access to certain species even after a huge catastrophe and a nuclear war. In other words, this was the final rescue method before some species (or the human race) gets annihilated, hence the description of it being the ‘Doomsday Vault’.

And now the vault has been cracked for the very first time for a, with all due respect, relatively small crisis in Syria, which isn’t even a farming superpower? Why couldn’t Russia supply seeds? Or neighboring countries in the Middle East?

Doomsday Vault 2


And the total amount of seeds withdrawn isn’t really negligible either. Approximately 15% of the total inventory will be drawn down and whilst one would think the reserve will return to normalized levels, it’s baffling to see that even a small local problem is a good enough reason to loot the strategic reserves.

This would make one wonder whether or not this is another test for the mainstream media to gauge the average sentiment. In just 14 months we have seen numerous attacks from Russia in the Eastern part of Ukraine, a passenger jet that was shut down over the same region, and now hundreds of thousands of ‘refugees’ are invading Europe. They don’t go to the surrounding muslim countries, no, the refugees are going to Europe; another test of the Western mainstream media to find out how the public opinion is being steered.

And the test seems to have been succeeded. We dare to bet you didn’t know about the raid on the Doomsday Vault at all.

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