"Nothing's Safe" Passport's Burbank Warns "The Liquidity Of Everything Is Being Taken Down"

Having warned that "we are on the precipice of a liquidation in emerging markets like the fourth quarter of 1997," Passport Capital's John Burbank sits down with RealVisionTV to discuss why "the Fed would eventually be forced into a fourth round of quantitative easing to shore up the economy." Being among 2015's best performing hedge funds, successfully navigating this turmoiling unwind of the Fed's efforts to "mean-revert" the world's assets back to normal, Burbank concludes, "nothing's safe," no matter what The Fed does, "the liquidity of everything is being taken down."

"The market is now going to discover just how much liquidity [or lack of it] is actually in the market."


"QE in Europe is not the same as QE in The US"


"There's just not enough dollars out there... everything will be liquidated"

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Source: RealVisionTV

"What we learned after the financial crisis was that The Fed is able to reflate assets in The US and The World... for a time.


What The Fed learned was that their models don't work - they didn't have the GDP/Economic effect - and to interpret what they are doing,


I think they realize the more they do this, the more they can't get out of it, and the more they pervert markets... and I believe they want to get out of it."

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Full interview available here.