President Obama Explains To The UN Why The World's Chaos Is Not His Fault - Live Feed

With The UN's Ban earlier commenting that "Syria is out of control" and demanding that Russia, US, Saudi, iran and Turkey cooperate, it will be interesting to see what tack President Obama takes in his address this morning...


Live Feed (due to start at 10amET)...


As USA Today reports,

 President Obama addresses the world Monday on an agenda that ranges from poverty to climate change, Iran to the Islamic State and Ukraine to Cuba.


Obama plans to promote the Iran nuclear agreement, the battle against the Islamic State and other violent extremists, and the idea of a global climate change agreement by the end of the year in a morning address to the United Nations General Assembly.


"He will be making the case about the type of leadership that is needed to build on the progress that's been made but also to confront the very real challenges we face," said Ben Rhodes, the president's deputy national security adviser for strategic communication.


His remarks come the week after the president hosted Pope Francis and Chinese President Xi Jinping at the White House.

Obama plans to discuss many of the same issues  he'll raise in his U.N. address in a series of meetings over the next two days, including what figures to be a tense session Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin.