The Farce Is Complete: Stocks Soar Most In 4 Years As US Job Market Disintegrates

We suspect more than a few traders will need this tonight...

First things first, we have this...

Chinese stocks (trading in US) rose 6.5% today - the biggest day since May 2010:


And this  -Today saw an epic squeeze of shorts - "most shorted" surged 5% off the opening lows which is the largest swing we could find on record


And finally this: Today was the biggest intraday reversal higher in The Dow since 2011


Thanks to this...

With cash indices all ramped into green for the day:


But there was only one thing driving US equities today... USDJPY, which got the momo going:


And a collapse in VIX finished it off:


And US equities (except Small Caps) were ramped all the way into the green for the week, even Trannies


But credit was not buying it at the end:


Away from the silliness in stocks, everything else was 'silly' too:

Treasuries soared at the payrolls print with yields collapsing and flattening across the curve... before Europe closed and the Treasury selling was unleashed...


But remained lower on the week:


The USD was crushed lower after payrolls but bid back to the moon alice after Europe closed:


Commodities were very mixed on the week but industrials soared later in the day after precious metals exploded on payrolls data:


But Silver (up 6%) was the big winner from Payrolls:


And here is crude on the week... testing and failing at the week's close...ramping today onthe rig count dcline after tumbling after payrolls


The bottom line - The Pure-Play QE Trade is back on... but be careful what you wish for because of reflexivity...

Charts: Bloomberg